A short introduction to the subjectivity and perception of abstract art – especially art created by an artificial intelligence.

If someone makes the point of art being a highly subjective matter, everyone will probably agree. This agreement is in many cases based on an own experience.

Subjectivity of art

Imagine being in an art museum with colleagues or friends and looking at a distinct piece of art. Let us think of an abstract painting created by artificial intelligence for example. 

Spectators will most likely voice their opinion and state whether the like the piece or not. Especially the first interaction and confrontation with artwork unwillingly releases an emotion, which is very unique and almost immediate. This first impression often leads us to further explore the art piece, which was being presented to us in the first place. The stronger the first emotions are, the more likely we are driven to dive in and explore the depths of the art piece. Evaluative judgements are often seen as the beginning and the ending of processing art. It is very difficult, if not impossible to counteract the deep impact of the first contact. However during the phase of analysis and interpretation new perspectives can be generated and should be implemented in a profound interpretation of an art piece.

Going back to our example of abstract art created artificially it is important to note, that the interpretations may vary even more than within the interpretation of classic art. Even if it is often attempted to base evaluations solely on critical and logical procedures, a level of subjectivity also exist in the choice and weighting on these methods.

Artwork by artificial intelligence @the-art-ai

The starting point “what can be seen in the presented artwork?“ is even more diversely judged, if several spectators are giving their impression of an abstract painting. In later stages of analysis of artificial art it is also not possible to ask the creator, what his intention was or which emotion he tried to transport with his work.

Artwork by artificial intelligence @the-art-ai

Therefore artificial art has an inlining mysterious character, because the creation process was based on experiences in form of training, which can not be articulated easily.

Abstract artificial art invites all people to discuss, communicate and state individual ideas on the subject. Consequently the subjectivity of art may be its most valuable quality, because it makes it even accessible for amateurs, who are interested in joining the process of viewing, analysing and evaluating art. At last it also teaches to listen to different opinions and to respect perspectives, that might be controversial and/or based on different analytic procedures.

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