Unique super high resolution artwork, which means there is only this one exemplar to which you can acquire the sole ownership, either to sell it later or keep forever. 
  • Able to convert into a physical art
  • Unique and no one can replicate this exact artwork
  • Support by THE ART AI

Pictures tell stories – would you like to have your own story in an individual artwork? You can create a work of art together with our AI, with your own story or meaning behind the artwork.

We are data scientists by heart, sieving through data is our job. Transforming your data into a truly amazing piece of art is our passion.

Message us  and request your personal complementary consultation, so we can discuss your actual business needs.

If you decide to continue, we offer very competitive prices depending on the size and complexity of your project. Prices for simple use cases with up to 5 images usually start at 1000€, but we are also thrilled to work on larger projects.

You have unique datasets, want to paint a picture through data from your company?

Had an awesome hike through himalaya?

Always imagined what an artificial art agent would see in your companies’ stock price?


Awesome! We had one google hangouts to discuss what I want and we were completely on the same wavelength.

I just provided some of my hiking photos and my GPX track and after a couple of days the artificial art agent visualized my hiking experience in a unique and absolutely stunning way.

Henry Bryant / private

We were looking for a local startup to provide new artworks for our offices.

We stumbled over the-art-ai and got in contact via phone. We met up personally and explained in detail our vision for the artstyle and how to incorporate the building architecture particularities into the design.

The digital previews were very promising and we are very happy how the actual physical artworks handpainted oil on canvas turned out. Absolutely stunning compositions to brighten our mood during meetings.

*translated from german

Jessika Klaasen / KMU Würzburg

I am a data scientist myself and was looking for interesting ways to visualize data without direct purpose. 

Good thing I found THE ART AI. They made some awesome digital artworks to accommodate my next official talk at our inhouse ai conference and sprinkle some color on my otherwise data heavy slides.

Susan Becker / German Bank