Today we are immersing ourselves in a question, that has been on people’s minds for a long time: The relationship between nature and (abstract) art.

A wide variety of perspectives can be worked out on this topic, which are immensely influenced by the subjectivity of the individual. In this sense, in today’s contribution we want to illuminate some of the perspectives and explore the relationship between nature and art.

One of the best-known and most powerful discussions on the position of art takes us back to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The representatives of naturalism demanded a clear connection of art to nature, to which they even gave formulaic expression:

Art = nature – X

This famous equation was in the spirit of its time. Although they mainly addressed the arts of literature, such as poetry, one can also derive valuable insights for the present day. The approach of art to nature, which is never completely possible, is a phenomenon that can also be observed in many works of art and pictures of the present day.

Artists create portraits that compete with photographs and show the people depicted in all their facets. They are able to transport three-dimensionality so credibly and vividly into pictorial worlds that one believes to be looking at real objects or people. As you may know, we have a special place for artificially created art in our hearts, so let us discuss more perspectives. The striking authenticity of paintings may remind us of rushing waterfalls, blooming meadows or untouched forests, but abstract art can do the same and maybe even more.

Nature Abstract Art
Artwork by artificial intelligence @the-art-ai

Imagine an abstract work of art that has strong blue colors waving across the canvas and ends in a white fog. Now something magical happens. Basically no one will think of the same ocean, sea, sky or lake. Everyone will have a very distinct imagination, that is highly subjective and hard to define in words. The value of abstract art might therefore not be set in creating one image, but many emotions and impressions that lead us to our very own place of nature. This means, that within spectating abstract art we can wander in deep mysterious forests, which evolve from the bottom of our soul, or take a hike in the most beautiful mountains, which one can imagine. Especially life experience and adventures people have had, can lead to a deeper and more immerse experience of art and in particular of abstract art.

In conclusion it may be a good advice to give all artworks a chance. Get fascinated by strikingly real looking artworks as well as abstract art, which also transports the beauty of nature. Nature is not the antagonist of art, it’s a good and hard to capture friend that can teach us a lot.

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