In today’s blog entry we want to give you an understanding of the possibilities and effectiveness of artificial intelligence. We are convinced that artificial intelligence is able to unite the genius of many artists and create inspiring art.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

But let us first venture a little journey through time, which takes us into the 18th century. The epoch of “Sturm und Drang” with its two most famous representatives Goethe and Schiller postulated the genius of the artist as the main source of his creative power. In turning away from the Baroque and its idea of a regular and learnable art, an unbridled creativity was now demanded; now you may ask what these old times have to do with artificial intelligence and its art.

The special thing about our artificial intelligence is, so to speak, the combination of both aspects. Of the art that is learned and the pure creative process. As we worked out in our introduction to the creation of abstract art by artificial intelligence the learning process profits from the unlimited learning capacity of artificial intelligence. The more you feed it, the better it gets. In this sense, one could say that the ingenuity of all images with which the artificial intelligence trains flows into itself. So we unleash a force capable of artistic excellence. This does not happen although it is not human, but because it is not human.

Photo by Amaury Salas on Unsplash

Nevertheless, one should not assume a competitive relationship between man and machine. Without the human being, neither the basis of learning for the artificial intelligence, nor the audience would exist. And what would an artist be without an audience? Even if the human artist cannot learn as quickly as the machine, one should look into the future with anticipation. Art created by artificial intelligence can be just as inspiring and inspire to own creations.

Let us work together and, as artists and art lovers, take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology to further develop our creations and enhance our enjoyment.

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